Sunday, March 4, 2007

In 10 minutes

March 4, 2007

In 10 minutes...

In 10 minutes I could sit down to the piano to play two pieces of my mom’s music.

In 10 minutes I could watch the part in Pride and Prejudice where Darcy is walking through the moors toward Elizabeth Bennett and watch them together until the scene where the father says something like,” If anyone inquires after Mary or Kitty, send them in, I am quite at my leisure.”

In 10 minutes, I can pick apart 15-20 split ends. I know this because I was waiting in line for the car wash yesterday. The wait was about 45 minutes, 7 minutes per car, and in those minutes I split the majority of my split ends.

In 10 minutes, I could sing at least four songs all the way through twice.

In 10 minutes, I could take 3 pages of notes from very impressive religious and or other intriguing lectures.

In 10 minutes, I could cook a baked potato in the microwave, drench it with sour cream and eat it half-way.

In 10 minutes, I could read 30+ pages of any children’s fantasy novel. Right now it is the Hidden series.

In 10 minutes, I could call one of the people I love and talk to them about nonsense things until I was laughing or crying. 10 minutes is enough time to reconnect and decide a perfect time to spend 10 more minutes together.

In 10 minutes I can travel to Target. Target is very much like a Tiffany’s for me, in a sense that I love to stop and stare at all the fanciful fun. Rarely do I spend more than 10 minutes in any given store, except Target.

In 10 minutes, I could watch 1/3 of a Gillmore Girls episode and leave feeling refreshed in knowing that I am not just the only silly girl in the world…they are everywhere.

In 10 minutes I can swim at least 500 yards, how many laps that is, I have no idea (I measure by yards).

In 10 minutes I can arrange an interview with a client, write a press release, take a call from an assistant and develop talking points for my clients.

In 10 minutes I can find my favorite songs online and import them to my itunes, my new favorites being Azure Ray, Nouvelle Vague and Sting.

In 10 minutes, I can tell if a situation is going to make you or break you.

In 10 minutes I could write a blog that is completely dedicated to silliness, deep thought, randomness and fun. This blog being so dedicated, I am going to promise that I will write 10 minutes worth, non-stop. I had a teacher in college that developed an exercise, where we would have to write for 10 minutes non-stop, without the internal editor taking control. This being my first blog, I have already let my editor through, correcting spelling errors and such. From now on….there will be randomness and if thoughts are left unfinished, that is all right. This blog is about enjoying the journey. I am sure I will still use spell-check, and I am letting you know that because I don’t want you to feel cheated. If you feel like adding, please do so. Without the thoughts and depth of others, it is hard for me to draw strength in my thoughts. For the next 10 minutes, I will post this blog and begin a new era that I have wanted to explore for a very long time.


HabbenINK said...

That's a pretty sweet first post. Hmm.. what could I do in ten minutes?

brent said...

Linds! Good writing, kid. I like. I'm curious to see whatcha got comin' down the pike.

Paco Belle said...

ONe of my favorite times of the day is when you are laying in bed...all the lights are off, and all you can hear is the faint sounds of the trains miles away. Then the darkness takes over, your eyes become heavy and your world, the world of dreams takes over.